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What is Frustration Free Packaging & When Should You Use It?

While shopping on Amazon have you ever come across a product that offered “frustration free” packaging and wonder what it is or why you would choose this option? 

Well there are multiple reasons.  Let’s take a look at what Amazon’s definition of Frustration Free Packaging. 

“ works with manufacturers to box products in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging, which reduces the overall amount of packing materials used.”

What exactly does this mean?  

The Packaging used is 100% recyclable and uses less packaging therefor reducing waste.  Not only is it environmentally friendly, its hassle free which means no more wrestling with layers of Packaging, wire ties and clamshells just to get to the product. 

When would you want to use this option?  There are several circumstances I prefer using “frustration free” Packaging.  

  1. Many times this option is less expensive because they save money on packaging and the savings is passed down to the consumer.
  2. A product that is not being gifted 
  3. A larger gift item that will not be displayed while in the box.  For example: A bike, water table, etc.)
  4. Something you will be purchasing for your own use.  For example: A camera, batteries, blankets etc. 

All of this seems great but are there any drawbacks? There are several circumstances where you may not want to use this option.

  1. If you are buying a gift for someone you may want to reconsider using this option.  Let’s use my purchase that I received today as an example. I had ordered a bow and arrow set as a gift but when I received it today they sent me the “frustration Free” option by mistake. Note *This is the first time this has ever happened.  Can you see why I would not want to gift it?   Despite the fact that the product is 100% new “frustration free” packaging may give it an “open box” or “refurbished” feel because the product is not in regular manufacture packaging.  
  2. The name of the product is usually printed on the outside of the box. If you are sending the package direct you may also want to reconsider using this option.

If you, like me, receive a fuss-free Packaging by mistake Amazon will make it right.   Simply follow the instructions below to receive the correct Packaging. 

  1. CLICK HERE for contact info 
  2. Explain to them that you received the wrong Packaging and you would like regular packaging ASAP. 
  3. Print the return shipping label, tape it to the box and drop at UPS. 

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